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In this challenge, I dare you to return every day to uncover and finish the latest weekly task as soon as it is revealed.


The activities may range from watching a video, unraveling a mystery, or perusing a passage from a blog. These tasks are designed to kickstart your week with purpose, steering you away from the aimless browsing through reels.

Introduction: Hello World!

Introduction: Hello World!

Motivation is a scam! Because motivation is like a matchstick.

Ignite a match, and it immediately flares up to 700 degrees Celsius. However, the crucial issue is its duration. Within moments, it consumes itself, and holding onto it too long can result in burns.

James Clear's Book - Atomic Habits

The Compound Effect of Daily Habits

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Goldilocks Zone: Finding the Perfect Balance

The Essence of the Goldilocks Zone: Finding the Perfect Balance

Just as the Goldilocks Zone describes the perfect distance from a star where conditions may support life—neither too hot nor too cold—your journey as a student also demands finding your perfect balance. This balance is crucial in managing your studies, extracurricular activities, and personal time. Straying too close to the sun, you risk burnout with excessive ambition. Drifting too far, you might find yourself lost in the cold abyss of procrastination. Learn to orbit your personal star at just the right distance.

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