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An Intriguing Theory-of-Science Image-Reflection

This is simply an exercise/attempt to ponder and offer insightful comments on the self-captured kaleidoscopic rainbow images while gaining some perspective into Theory of Science.

An expression captured by the kaleidoscopic rainbow of hundred of species preserved in a suspended glass jar at the DNA species lab.

Flora of the Future

Caption: On the very last day of the earth, I would still like to plant a tree in an effort to ignite the "Green fire". Even if technology conquers the world, humanity will still require a lone surviving tree of hope, inferred by the kaleidoscopic rainbow of species preserved in a suspended glass jar.


Do you have an idea for an image or scientific illustration for a research paper or image competition? Whether you want artistic flexibility or a more scientific type piece, providing a title and description to one's artwork or figure is always a challenge.

An exercise on the "Art of Thinking"

In this experiment, we'll see if we can add some spice to create an engaging description for some captured photographs.

Masterpiece of Nature

Caption: A fascinating language is being spoken through the 'eyes' of this animal. Keep an ear out for the tranquil nature speaking up for people who cannot speak for themselves.


The point of the blog is to take the caption at its value or use your imagination to come up with your own fascinating captions for the pictures.

Kaleidoscopic Rainbow of Worm

Caption: Caution!! The worm might pick "U". You may be tempted in by the rainbow of innovation, only to end up being a worm that takes over the world by "Global Worm-ing". An intriguing thought and pun on words, presuming you share my attitude of daydreaming. ;-)

Special Mention to @Suyog K. Jadhav for his photographic skills collabration. The images were taken in 'The Library' at Dubai's Museum of the Future.

Try it your way. :-)
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